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Save your hands this season!

Probably one of the things I can’t handle during winter is how dry and itchy my hands can get.

Winter brings some beauty problems with it!

Today I am sharing with you some tips and products I personally tried, that worked and helped my hands stay hydrated despite the cold.

  1. The right choice of soap

Use gentle liquid soap instead of bar soap. Or you can use glycerin based bar soaps since it helps the skin retain its natural moisture due to the lower pH. Make sure you rinse and dry your hands well, especially the space between the fingers where the soap residue often sticks.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating once a week removes dry skin cells. You can also massage gently around your cuticles. You will get smooth hands immediately.

3. Moisturize

A good quality hand cream is a must have all year long. I never go out without one in my purse. I strongly advise to have a hand cream in every corner around you! Car, desk, nightstand, purse etc. For extra dry hands, you can try applying the cream last thing at night before you go to bed, then slip on a cotton glove and keep them on overnight. It relieves dry skin making it smooth and soft.

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Photos by: Sayde Jabra

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