Rita Lamah

The Power of a Woman

While one day is definitely not enough to celebrate women all over the world for their power and their role, it is a sin, in my opinion, to let March 8 go unnoticed.

With every passing year, women make history with breakthrough achievements and undeniable successes.

But the question remains: is it enough?

The answer couldn’t be clearer: it most certainly isn’t.

Why, you ask? Simply because I have mixed feelings, and let me tell you why:

We are in 2019, women have proved themselves time and time again with their stellar contributions to the society on all levels, yet we still see them suffer of inequality, underestimation and mistreatment.

We are in 2019, women are half of the society and can bear children, raise generations and do business like no one can, yet they still do not enjoy equal rights and duties with men.

We are in 2019, we keep hearing about women empowerment, and we have yet to see true empowerment on all levels.

Regardless of all that preceded, I choose to see the glass half full, because only in doing so can we truly evolve and strive for the better.

So here goes:

We are in 2019, the year was off to a remarkable start, and women proved that they can do it all, ever so gracefully!

We are in 2019, it’s time to work for true empowerment. It’s time to acknowledge women’s rightful role, so they can have no limits to their potential but the sky.

Thanks to women’s sacrifices, societies thrive.

We are mothers. We are wives. We are business professionals. We are politicians. We are fighters. We are warriors. We blaze through sleepless nights, complete with aching bodies, and are always ready for a new morning, complete with hopeful smiles.

Here is to everything women achieved the past year, and all they will achieve in the years to come!

Happy Women’s Day!

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